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Become a Guest Blogger for Experience Niseko

Think you love Niseko as much as us, well why not show the world what you've got? Whether it's your favourite apres-ski hangout, the first tracks you left on the hill, your favourite part of daily life in Japan or a photo you want to share, we'd love to hear from you.

Experience Niseko is looking for fresh perspectives and experiences from locals and readers (this means you). Whether you think you’re an amazing travel writer or an avid back-country powderhound, every experience is worth talking about. We want you to do that for a worldwide audience. Read our tips and guidelines below before sending your idea to [email protected]

What's in it for me?

  • Fame & glory! Our regular e-newsletters go out to over 100,000 Niseko lovers and our top blogs are viewed tens of thousands of times.
  • Remind people you're still alive! Family, friends, jealous ex-partners - show everyone you know and love what you are up to here in Niseko.
  • Some yen for your next experience. Each published article will receive 3,000 Japanese yen in cold, hard cash.
  • A job? We're looking for year-round staff writers, so this might be the first step towards the greatest job you ever had!

I'm interested, tell me more.

  • Read through our blogs, get an idea of what sort of things we like talking about.
  • Think about your audience - your article should have Niseko and your experience as the main highlights. Sometimes we stray a bit further afield into Hokkaido too, but we are positive about most things!
  • Anything goes - tell us about the incredible food you had, the secret onsen you found, that unbelievable run from the peak, a night out with your new friends or simply your top 5 cup ramen... the more original you can make it, the more people (us included) will love it.
  • We're all about your experiences and you can name-drop people and places, but we're not interested in blatant self-promotion.
  • Keep in mind that any photos or videos you send should have been checked with everyone featuring in them - don't lose friends or make enemies!
  • Be funny and light-hearted, but no swearing. We're not interested in hearing about any law-breaking or people who don't respect the Niseko Rules either. Sorry! (Actually, we're not sorry about that).

Ok, I'm in! What should I do?

  • Contact us with your idea first (we don't want you to waste your time on something that doesn't fit or that we've already done).
  • Get confirmation from us that your idea is a cracker!
  • Stick to a maximum of 300 words. Less is more.
  • Got photos or video? Send them in once your idea is accepted... but we'll only use the highest quality ones.
  • Include a photo and short bio (max 3 sentences) when you send in your article.

Ready to go? Email your idea to [email protected] and let's see what you've got!

Note we reserve the right to select (or reject) articles based on their brilliance, suitability, comedy value or anything we see fit. Editorial decisions are final.