Niseko Japonica 2017

The Niseko Resort Sightseeing Association is hosting the Niseko Japonica 2017 event, perfect for visitors to Japan to enjoy. It's the first time the association has hosted the event and it will be held over two time periods, from January, 19th to 22nd, 2017 and February,16th to 19th, 2017, totaling 8 days in Niseko Chuo-Soko-Gun.

There are 6 main booths where you can experience a Japanese tea ceremony or "sado", traditional kimonos, origami, Japanese calligraphy or "shodo", and Japanese bamboo flute or "shakuhachi", as well as so many other booths to experience authentic Japanese culture. The last day of the event, incorporation with the Iburi General Subprefectural Bureau, show the performance of traditional indigenous or "Ainu" dancing and mukkuri which is a traditional musical instrument.

Also during this event, Get ready to witness "Niseko Yuki-Akari-no-Michi" where around 600 candles light up along the 300 metre road between JR Niseko Station and Chuo-Soko-Gun.

Entry fee is free.

Event Location: Niseko Chuo Warehouses (located opposite JR Niseko Station)

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