Shakotan Soran Mikaku Matsuri (Soran Flavour Festival)

Shakotan Soran Ajimi Matsuri June Festival 2 mtime20170613143819

Local volunteers performing a traditional dance up on the main event stage.

This yearly festival is held on the last Sunday of each June in Shakotan Town. It celebrates the arrival of summer and the fresh flavours that the town is known for. Sea urchin are a specialty of Shakotan Town, but there are many other fresh fish and seafood in season that are available during the festival. The event opens with the Hama-Chi Morning Market during which a massive 150cm pot is used to create a delicious seafood soup.

The event stage is packed throughout the afternoon and evening with performances ranging from the traditional to the more recent. The big ticket item is a traditional yosakoi soran dance and an evening fireworks display.

Shakotan Soran Ajimi Matsuri June Festival 1 mtime20170613143820

The massive 150cm pot simmering away as local volunteers serve lines of hungry festival attendees.

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