Japan's Oldest Quad Lift, Ace Quad Lift #2 Center Four, Ending 38-Year Legacy at Grand Hirafu

With just one month remaining until the closure of Japan's oldest quad lift, Ace Quad Lift #2 Center Four, an era spanning 38 years is drawing to a close.

There's only one month remaining to ride Japan's oldest lift. We are preparing to bid farewell to the iconic Ace Quad #2 Center Four, a cherished emblem of the Grand Hirafu Ski Resort. The final day of its operation is scheduled for Sunday 31 March 2024.

Since the lift started spinning in 1985, it has coined the nickname 'Center Four' by locals and visitors alike, and has been a beloved fixture of the resort. If you've ever explored Grand Hirafu, chances are you've experienced the thrill of riding this lift. Situated beside .Dot Base, it ascends the mountain with picturesque views of Skye Niseko to the right and beautiful pines and forests to the left. Over its lifetime, it has proudly transported over 25 million passengers, boasting the highest track record in Niseko United.

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Night Skiing Delight

The Center Four has been instrumental in facilitating night skiing at Grand Hirafu. Under the night sky, the slopes take on a mesmerising ambiance, illuminated in a manner distinct from daytime skiing.

On clear evenings, you are treated to the twinkling ambience of the stars and moonlight, while the bright cityscape of Hirafu adds to the enchantment.

Night skiing operations will continue until Wednesday 20 March 2024. Please refer to the Grand Hirafu lift operation schedule for details.

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New Gondola for the Winter 2024/25 Season

Beginning next season, the 'Center Four' lift will undergo a transformation into a state-of-the-art 10-passenger gondola, significantly boosting hourly transportation capacity from 1,800 to 2,800 individuals. This upgrade aims to alleviate congestion, particularly during the peak hours. Significant updates are expected, including the addition of features such as heated seats and Wi-Fi to the spacious 10-seater space.

Furthermore, the gondola will feature a bike rack to accommodate mountain biking enthusiasts, supporting activities such as downhill and flow trails in Summer. The introduction of the new gondola marks a significant stride toward establishing Niseko as a year-round destination, enhancing its appeal as an all season resort.

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Get ready for the Ultimate Farewell Celebration

Niseko Tokyu Grand Hirafu plans to organize a grand farewell event at the end of March to express gratitude to the venerable "Center Four" for its invaluable service over the years. Join us as we commemorate the legacy of Japan's oldest lift!

Stay tuned for further updates from Grand Hirafu for additional details on this momentous transition.