Immersive Dining at Robata Niseko Naniwatei

Located only minutes away from the bustling Hirafu village, enjoy a theatrical dining experience complete with fresh Hokkaido seafood and craftsmanship.

Having established a firm customer base in Sapporo for over 57 years, Naniwatei opened its Niseko branch in winter 2016. Since its opening, Robata Niseko Naniwatei has been well patronised by international guests visiting the area and for good reasons. 

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Serving kaiseki ryori (traditional multi-course Japanese dinner) with Hokkaido's world famous produce, chef Kohji Murai entertains diners with one of the best Japanese culinary shows in Niseko creating a dining experience to remember. 

Sitting at the counter, diners can watch on as the chef prepares each plate with a specific culinary method. Watch the chef piece together sushi with uni from Shakotan and juicy salmon roe before a light dusting of truffle and gold flakes on top. Sizable Hokkaido scallops from the nearby coast are slowly cooked in their shell to retain moisture while a selection of seasonal fish are charred over an open fire. 

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With many performances throughout the night, pay attention to when the gong rings signalling the start of the main performance, flambe of premium wagyu cooked to medium rare before it is served sizzling hot to diners. 

Using an old fashioned long serving board, the chef passes each intricately pieced together dish over the counter and involves each guest. 

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Trained in Kyoto, Murai combines fresh local produce with traditional Japanese cooking methods to bring out the natural flavours of each ingredient.   

Introducing Hokkaido cuisine to more people around the world, Robata Niseko Naniwatei showcases the best local produce in the area and is open all year round. Visit in winter for their kaiseki course or in summer for their delicious grilled eel. 

Enjoy an elaborate culinary performance at Robata Niseko Naniwatei.

Location: Huckleberry Farm 259 Aza Kabayama, Kutchan Town

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