Interview: A Catch Up with Pro Skier Essex Prescott

Pro skier Essex Prescott was recently in Niseko with other members of the Nordica Ski team.

In between making films and soaking in all Niseko has to offer, Essex caught up with us to discuss his epic Niseko ski trip. 

Essex Prescott in deep Niseko powder

Essex Prescott in the Niseko white room during a recent trip for Nordica Skis. 

So, tell us about your trip to Niseko. Who’s in the crew?

My name is Essex Prescott and I’m a professional skier representing Nordica skis. I spend the majority of my winter shooting different content for Nordica that is used throughout the year as a source of marketing. We had been planning Japan as a location to shoot our annual mid-winter, deep-pow video for a while and things lined up this year to make the trip happen! 

I’m the featured athlete in the video but we had a crew consisting of Peter Wojnar (filmer), Tita Szlachetka (photographer), Garrett Knochenmus (guide/backcountry safety), Tobin Seagel (Athlete for Powder Mag Content), and Zanny Venner (Writer/Photographer).

Tell us about the films you shot here for Nordica and your work with them.

The main goal behind this film was to showcase how amazing the snow is in Japan. North Americans are huge on powder skiing and love to watch it… so why not go to the best place in the world to ski powder to shoot the video? 

The majority of the content is shot using 2020 model gear as well which allows good use of the content throughout next fall when people are getting excited for the ski season. We also shot some content for Powder Magazine mainly focused around one of the storm cycles that came through.

How much work goes on behind the scenes to make these types of films? 

Making a ski film is not easy, there’s all sorts of moving parts to be considered. Lots of it comes down to preparation but a lot of it also comes down to timing and luck. That's why I love coming to Niseko… if you’re here, chances are you are going to get some really good snow and that takes a big part of the guess work out. 

Another big factor is being with a crew that works well together. The main filmer and I have made multiple Nordica videos and we work really well together.

The Nordica crew take a quick break from filming.

The Nordica crew take a quick break from filming. 

Is this the first time you’ve all been skiing in Niseko?

Personally, this is my second time in Niseko but for the rest of the crew it was their first. They had huge smiles on their faces the entire time we've been here. I definitely talked it up to them and they each said it far surpassed their expectations.

How does Niseko compare to other ski destinations around the world? What sets it apart on and off the hill?

Niseko is very unique for a lot of different reasons (multiple resorts, amazing snow, great food, etc) and especially this time staying at Skye Niseko, I feel like we were really able to utilize everything that Niseko had to offer. It doesn’t get any better than staying right on the hill. Being able to put your skis on 50 metres from the entrance of the hotel, skiing pow all day, and then skiing right back to the hotel. It really is as good as it gets

How much of your time was dedicated purely to being on the snow, skiing and filming? 

On these film trips we spend a lot of time on the snow, it’s all about maximizing the content we create, so that usually involves being up first thing in the morning and filming for most or all of the daylight hours. This usually doesn’t leave time for much else… 

Fortunately on this trip we were staying right on the hill and everything was so close that we were able to experience everything Niseko had to offer. From the amazing food, all the cool places to grab a drink, and especially the Onsen at Skye Niseko, we were able to get our fair share of off snow activities and not waste any film time in the process.

Tell us more about your stay at Skye Niseko.

I’ve stayed at many ski destinations over the years while filming for ski videos and I have to honestly say that Skye Niseko is the most luxurious and comfiest hotel I’ve had the opportunity to stay at. 

Everything is so well thought out and executed so well. It really is a seamless hotel experience. From the major factors like the location, room layout and customer service to the little details like the ski valet, amazing breakfast, and pajamas, everything is on point. 

Any advice to people who are thinking about coming to Niseko for their next ski holiday?

For any skier out there that plans on taking a ski vacation… Niseko is a must.

Nothing compares to Hokkaido powder and Niseko is the premier place to enjoy it. Go big and make it the trip of a lifetime, you won’t regret it.

Where to for you guys next and when might we see you back in Niseko?

Next year same time we will be back to Niseko! One of those places I’d like to come to every year. For the rest of this season, it's North America where I’ll be starting a west coast road trip type project for Nordica and Subaru.

Thanks so much for having us, can’t wait to come back!

Check out WORLD. japan., the new video from Essex Prescott for Nordica Skis here