KORUA Shapes Presents Yearning For Turning Vol. 5 - Hokkaido Hustle

Unconventional board makers KORUA Shapes test out their boards in some epic Hokkaido powder snow in the fifth installment of their Yearning for Turning series.

KORUA Shapes is an Austrian snowboard maker and when they aren't designing unconventionally shaped boards they seem to be shredding snow around the world. The latest installment of their 'Yearning for Turning' series is shot neck-deep in that same fluffy powder snow we here in Niseko know and love so well!

Hokkaido Hustle is volume 5 of the 'Yearning for Turning' series and is the second time that the KORUA Shapes team has made a trip out to Japan. Their first trip, back in 2016 must have left them keen for more and it looks like this time round they chose to spend their time specifically in Hokkaido. They must have heard some rumours about the powder snow. It seems that despite our best efforts to keep the powder snow up here a secret from the world, word is getting around!

If you are looking for a video full of awesome pillows, drops and powder sprays than this is your daily fix to help you hold out until the next time you get into the powder yourself!

Featuring: Atsufumi Mizuno, Nicholas Wolken, Aaron Schwartz, Stephan Maurer and Yoshiyuki Kobayashi

Filming: Aaron Schwartz, Stephan Maurer, Neil Hartmann and Nicholas Wolken
Editing: Stephan Maurer
Graphics: Aaron Schwartz

Published on 2CD MITTAGEISEN 1981-1986 REMASTERED
© 2008 mital-U