Niseko Rules 2019-2020

Reduce your risk when riding. Follow the Niseko Rules to ensure a safe day out on the mountain!

The Niseko Rules, published by the Niseko Annupuri Avalanche Prevention Committee, were created to reduce the risk of accident and injury for all those skiing and snowboarding in the Niseko area. 

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Following these rules ensures Niseko's famous gate system can continue to flourish. The Niseko gate system, with nine gates in the Niseko United resort and two in Moiwa, provides some of the best side country riding in the world. Deep bowls, pillows and tree runs are all easily accessible through these designated exits. If all skiers and snowboarders respect the rules outlined below the Niseko ski resorts can continue to provide access to these gates for years to come.

Our friends GoSnow have created the Niseko Gate Guide, which details the access points and safety considerations for all nine Niseko gates. We recommend checking it out before venturing into the side country.

The Niseko Rules

  1. Always use gates to go out of the resort boundaries.
  2. Do not duck boundary ropes.
  3. Wearing a helmet and an avalanche beacon is highly recommended in the out of bounds area. This rule will be mandated in the 2020-2021 season.
  4. Skiing/snowboarding out of bounds is prohibited when gates are closed.
  5. Never enter strictly off-limits areas at any time (except for official rescue and research operations).
  6. Elementary school children are not allowed in the out of bounds area unless accompanied by an elder companion.
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The Niseko Gate System.


  1. A minimum of ¥100,000 will be charged for out of bounds search and rescue operations.
  2. Rule violators may be banned from using the resort facilities by having their lift-pass confiscated and/or refused to reissue a new pass.
  3. Many past accidents have occurred during bad weather conditions. Do not over estimate your equipment and/or knowledge and always be cautious. Obey the ski patrol’s instructions, beware of crevasses and trees and be aware that snow mountains are never 100% safe.
  4. The Niseko Avalanche Information is the area’s official information. The hazard level is estimated using systems and methods developed by the Niseko Avalanche Institute.
  5. Carrying an avalanche beacon, a probe and a shovel is very highly recommended. This equipment may save not only your life but your buddy’s too.


Head to the Niseko United website for the up to date rules.