The Best of Mt Yotei this Winter

Having one of the best snowfalls in Niseko this winter, Mt Yotei looks even more stunning than before.

Mt Yotei continues to remind us that it is ever changing and forever beautiful. It can look different varying from season to season, location and time. All the photos below have been taken by visitors who visited Niseko for the Winter 2017/18 season, and who like us, are captivated by its beauty. 

Blessed with snow all year round

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Learning to snowboard with arguably the best view of the world. 

Blessed with another amazing morning view.

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Yotei looking magical at night with the skies full of stars.

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A serene view of Mt Yotei and the neighbouring forestry, seemingly untouched by the civilisation. 

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Yotei at sunrise.

Views of Mt Yotei from this winter were absolutely gorgeous, but we're certain that next winter will be even better.