Wilson Girls Find Family Fun in Niseko

Filipino It Girls Georgina and Jess Wilson, the creative minds behind the internet sensation Sunnies Face, recently stayed in Niseko with their family.

We caught up to talk about everything they loved about Niseko, tips on travelling with a toddler, and some of their must-have winter items. 

Travelling with a toddler can be difficult. How do you manage to make it look so easy?

Georgina: It can be tricky, but if you try and manage their sleep schedule so they can sleep on the flight it helps. Once they’re in Niseko, they’re so excited and occupied they sleep well every night! Archie loved the view from our Skye Niseko suite, playing in the snow and building a snowman behind the hotel.

Jess: Skye Niseko was perfect for both toddlers and my mom who is almost 70. The ski-in ski-out location makes it really easy for all the skiers and non-skiers to meet up mid-day. The hotel room was also perfectly located, so we were able to watch our group ski down from our room, which was nice. Archie loved being near the snow and sledding right outside the hotel.

What were the best bits of your Niseko holiday?

Georgina: The Skye Niseko ski-in-ski-out experience was perfect, and with access to many different lifts with slopes of varying difficulty, we were all able to ski together as a family. The incredible hotel room, onsen and attentive staff both in reception and in the ski valet made the whole trip totally stress-free. Of course, the food in Niseko is the best but make sure you book well in advance!

Jess: Definitely, the entire Skye Niseko experience. The breakfast buffet is amazing, the ease of the ski-in and out, the onsen sessions in the evening. Divine! I was happy just spending my week around the hotel. Another highlight was finally learning how to ski confidently down red and black slopes. It’s my 5th time skiing, but this time around, I got an instructor to correct my form, and my confidence really grew. It made all the difference to enjoying the slopes! 

What are some of your winter must-haves?

Georgina: Good Sunnies! And lots of layers as the temperature can vary greatly.

Jess: A nice ski look and some warm accessories: a good beanie, gloves, scarf and a great jacket! It's also a good idea to use a thick face and body cream for the weather.

Jess Wilson Skye Niseko Lr 7

Describe your typical day in Niseko.

Georgina: From our hotel room, we would watch the sun rise over Mt. Yotei from our living room then head to breakfast wearing our hotel-provided pyjamas. After that, we’d do some stretching and hit the slopes followed by a family lunch and then more skiing! I would have an onsen before dinner and then an early night. 

Jess: We all woke up extra early in Niseko. Maybe its because we were so excited to ski or that we were excited about the breakfast. At 7, we’d all head down to eat. By 8:30, we would be ready to ski, and the girls would hang around a bit in the hotel room or step out to the Cafe Deli to grab coffee which I highly recommend.

After the morning's skiing, we would have lunch in Boyoso, which is an amazing restaurant on the slopes. After that, we’d do about 2 more hours of skiing. At about 4 pm, we’d head down to Skye for some sake and music in the lobby.

By 7 pm, we would head out to town for dinner. After dinner, a few drinks then I'd head to the onsen at about 9 pm (This was the best hour of my day!). Then we’d head up to the room, hang around the fire to chat and be asleep by 11 pm.

Speaking of dinner, any favourite restaurants in Niseko? 

Georgina: Kumo Restaurant, which is at Skye Niseko, was great, and Ezo Seafoods were my favourite places to eat in.

Jess: We had amazing meals every day – you can’t really go wrong with food in Niseko. For our last dinner, we ate in this amazing yakitori place near Bar Gyu+ that has about five tables and two staff serving but probably one of the best meals I’ve had in Japan. The atmosphere of the place was great too! Of course, the soft serve ice cream of Milk Kobo is not to be missed!

What were your first impressions of the Skye Niseko suite?

Georgina: Incredible views, spacious rooms while still being cosy, clean and well-appointed. The layout of the place was also spacious, which allowed everyone to enjoy their private time but not feel disconnected from the rest.

Jess:  The way it was designed was so smart – you could just add rooms to extend into a big family apartment, and the rooms are well designed, peaceful but luxurious. The living room became our main hangout area; we even cooked in one night which was fun. We also had a great view of the slopes where we could watch skiers from day to night quickly coming down the slope.

What features of Skye Niseko stood out?

Georgina: The design. The service. The convenience. It was all perfect! Everything was provided for within the property – from great food options and free sake to the best massage service we found in Hirafu.

Jess: Ski-in-ski-out is amazing! I’m so spoiled now. I don’t think I can go back to carrying my skis.


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