Winter is Coming!

It is not too early to start getting excited about the first snow in Niseko

"Winter is coming" is not the first episode of the fantasy television series but an explanation of the weather in Niseko! It is getting colder and colder everyday. The time for wearing shorts and t-shirts is ending and changing to the time to turn on the heater again.

32°C was the highest temperature 2 weeks ago, 28°C for last week, whereas today the max is 22°C and getting down to 14°C at night.

Don't be surprised if you think of drinking something hot instead of cold as from now on 10-20°C will be the average temperature in Niseko.

Temparature Forecast


Good news! November 12 is the forecast date of first snow. Only a few more months until we are sliding down the mountains!

Snow Forecast


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