Akahane Onsen

Akahane Onsen Lobby

Akahane Onsen is an entirely naturally sourced onsen or gensen kake-nagashi onsen which means that the onsen meets a number of strict regulations regarding water flow, volume, and temperature from it's source point below the ground's surface. Located behind Mt Annupuri in the Chisenupuri Ski area in Rankoshi Town, Akahane Onsen is surrounded by an abundance of trees and nature and is yet another onsen in the Niseko area that is a stunning place to take in the seasonal transitions.

Not only is Akahane Onsen a naturally sourced onsen, but it is also a traditional Japanese mud bath onsen. The waters have a wonderful raw and earthy scent as it is thick with the natural grey clay that is found abundantly in sulfurous onsen area. Mud baths are said to be particularly good for the skin as well!

Hours: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Amenities: Body soap, shampoo. Rental towels available.
Bathing Pools: Male and female pools separate.

  • Address: 680 - 13 Rankoshi-chō, Yunosato, Isoya-gun, Hokkaidō, 048-1321
  • Telephone: 0136-59-2881
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