3 Reasons to Visit Mount Eniwa

Here's why you should make a stop at beautiful Mount Eniwa in Hokkaido, Japan.

Mt Eniwa

Magnificent Mount Eniwa edging Lake Shikotsu.

Experience Mother Nature At Its Best

Standing at 1320 metres high, there is a lot of natural beauty to enjoy at Mount Enimwa. Nestled in the Shikotsu-Toya National Park in Hokkaido, Japan, the mountain is a must do for nature lovers! Located about an hour and a half drive from central Niseko or just over an hour from Sapporo, the trip to Eniwa is easily done as a day outing. Admire the reflection of Mount Eniwa as you drive along the shoreline of beautiful Lake Shikostu (equally as spectacular!).

And, while the Mount Eniwa is an active volcano, it hasn't erupted since the start of the 18th century! You can also check out Mount Tarumae and Mount Fuppushi, located opposite Mount Eniwa.

Mt Eniwa2

Mount Eniwa, also an active volanco, in early autumn.

Get Close To Nature With A Hike

Lovers of a great hike will love a visit to Mount Enima! A single trail climbs the eastern side of the mountain and slowly gets sleeper as you climb, turning into alpine and rocky terrain. Along the way there are a number of hydro thermal vents leading to the peak and when you reach the top, there are amazing views of Lake Shikotsu.

A round trip hike takes roughly 5 hours. The best time of year for hiking is from late May until End of October or until the first snows fall.

Mt Eniwa 3

Mount Eniwa with the first signs of autumn leaves.

Witness A Place in Olympic History

History buffs, skiing enthusiats and fans of the Olympic Games will appreciate a stop at Mount Eniwa. The site was home to the men's and women's downhill ski races for the 1972 Winter Olympics. The course started at the summit and finished on the southwest slope. Word has it that there were no runs steep enough for the the events so Eniwa was the chosen mountain! They cut the courses for the Olympics and then planted trees back in like nothing ever happened!

Now that's a cool fact to pull out at your next dinner party, right?! And, to say you've been there? Even better!