5 Niseko Stories: Boen Ferguson

"It was a wise friend who once told me to build a a job around your life, and not a life around your job. And that's how I feel about photography."

Meet Boen Ferguson, a pro skier turned photographer and subject #4 from My House Pictures' 5 Niskeo Stories.

About 5 Niseko Stories

During the winter of 2015/2016 My House Pictures, a Higashiyama-based production company, was out and about in Niseko capturing a look at winter with the Niseko apparel company OYUKI's team riders for the new film "5 Niseko Stories".

The team riders featured, Toshiya Kasuga, Nat Segal, Yohei Sasaki, Boen Ferguson, Harrison McInnes, Adam Kroenert, Charlie Steinbacher, Rikuto Ohashi, Matt Hampton are joined by Olympic snowboarder Jenny Jones and backcountry guide Owain Bassett.

Filmed on some of the best days of the season “5 Niseko Stories” provides a great perspective of the type of conditions and terrain that make Niseko Japan’s #1 snow destination.