All the Anime

Hokkaido is the place to be for all of your anime action. For those in love with cosplay and those cute pocket monsters, we have some news for you.

Japan is known for its love of anime. So much so that fans of the genre create their own themed bars and often dress up as their favourite characters in what is known as cosplay. Some towns even go so far as to create public anime displays. Hokkaido has begun to share in the anime love and Niseko has joined the charge with the creation of its own house of anime worship.

Pokemon Manhole Covers

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Hokkaido is set to receive it's own decorative Pokemon manhole covers. These pokemon themed pieces have begun popping up around Japan in recent years. The Hokkaido versions will feature the fire type fox, Vulpix, in both the standard and snow-like Alola version (although this version was intended for the Hawaiian landscape). These Poke-lids are also set to become Pokestops in the Pokemon Go mobile game.

There will be 15 designs rolled out around Japan's northern island. The first were installed in late November and the final design is set to be put in place in January. More information and all the designs can be seen here.

Suzunoran Niseko

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If it's cosplay you are looking for then Suzunoran Niseko has got you covered. Complete with costumed staff, a library of figurines and epic anime wall graphics, you can escape into an animated world for the night. Suzunoran also doubles as a shisha parlour for those who fancy partaking. Suzunoran is open seven days, 4 pm to late just above Jam Bar.


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