EdVenture Time! Join this Winter Kids' Camp in Niseko

Find out more about what this leading family outdoor company has in store for you and your family this winter.

What is EdVenture Winter Camp?

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The EdVenture winter camp is a unique snow experience for 6-14 year old children, created by EdVenture and Niseko Black. This is the only organised program in Niseko that will have participants involved in winter activities both on and off the ski hill.

Children will be picked up from their accommodation in the morning and brought back home at the end of the day. In between, they will be taking part in different activities serviced by both EdVenture and Niseko Black.

For the morning sessions, the children will be involved in fun and educational activities off the mountain. In the afternoon, they will have their own semi-private ski and snowboard lessons.

This is not just a great way to have fun and learn some new skills in the snow but also a fantastic opportunity for kids to make new friends who have also travelled from around the world to enjoy the Niseko winter season.

Details for the Morning Session:

The morning session starts with a 9am pick up from participants' accommodation before everyone is taken to EdVenture's space at The Orchards clubhouse. Here they will be taking part in fun off-mountain snow activities. Here are some examples of the activities:

  • Back country exploring
  • Snow cave building
  • Snow sports
  • Snowball catapult construction
  • Fortress wars
  • Snow fort building
  • Snowboard toboggan crafting
  • Snow shoe making

All activities will be highly interactive, social and engaging to make the most out of the snow covered fields and wooded forests in the areas surrounding Niseko.

Details for the Afternoon Session:

After the kids have finished their lunch, they will be separated into small groups (4-6 children per group), tailored to their ability, and picked up by Niseko Black for their on-mountain ski and snowboard lessons. Niseko Black offers some of the best guides in Niseko, allowing the children to get the most out of these semi-private lessons.

Depending on ability and weather conditions, the Niseko Black instructors will take the children to the best spots on the mountain, finding the ideal location for the lesson.

At the end of the day, all the children will be brought back to their accommodation at 4:30pm and share their amazing day!

Early bird rate is now available!

The EdVenture Winter Camp is currently scheduled to run daily from December 12, 2016 until February 12, 2017. Full day EdVenture Camp starts at ¥16,500 and Half day EdVenture Camp starts at ¥10,000. Please go to the EdVenture website to find out more details and register.

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