Find Out Where Niseko Area's Kutchan Town Placed In Trip Advisor's Top 10 Destinations In Japan

Niseko Area's Kutchan Town was placed in Japan's Top 10 Travel Destinations by Trip Advisor! Check out where Kutchan Town placed!

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Trip Advisor has become a real authority in the tourism industry over the past few years by allowing users to rate and rank different destinations, services, and activities. It has really helped to spread the word for smaller locations that don't always make your average travel guide, too. Every year Trip Advisor ranks and rates the best destinations, hotels, and activities based on their user reviews and this year we are proud to say that the Niseko area's Kutchan Town has truly climbed the ladder and found itself among the top 3 destinations in Japan.

Check out the Top 10 Destinations below:

As you can see from the results, Kutchan Town is ranked the 3rd most popular destination in all of Japan! That is really quite something when you consider that it beat out some of the most popular cultural destinations, like Osaka City, Hiroshima City, and Mount Fuji even! Even though it ranked 3rd on this listing, Kutchan Town and the Niseko area will always hold the top spot in our hearts here at Experience Niseko!

While it is easy for us to see the results and nod in a knowing fashion, we understand it might be a bit harder for others. But don't take it from us, take it from the 11,238 (and growing) users who have left reviews and opinions on their time here in Kutchan Town and the greater Niseko area.

Trip Advisor Kutchan 11238 Reviews

With 11,238 reviews and opinions (and counting) there's got to be some truth in there!

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