Four Animals Not to Miss While in Niseko

Have a look around Niseko and spot some of the most beautiful animals in the world.

Niseko's remarkable environment is home to many uniquely beautiful animals. As spring approaches, more wildlife will awake from hibernation. Here are some animals which have been spotted around Niseko in the last few weeks.

Hokkaido Fox

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Easily identified by its russet-coloured fur and fluffy tail, the Ezo Red Fox is active during the day, unlike the ones found in Honshu (mainland Japan). 

It has been occasionally spotted during early hours of the day, pouncing back to the forest from the Shiribetsu River. Others have seen them late at night near the road during the winter season. With warmer temperatures, visitors will be able to spot the majestic animal in the snow and near mountainous areas more often.

Rainbow Trout

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With scales that glisten brightly in the sun, the rainbow trout is a beautiful creature which inhabits the Shiribetsu River. Peer into the clear river or streams around Niseko and watch rainbow trouts swim leisurely through the water.

Great Spotted Woodpecker

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The black and white patterned bird with a bright red patch adds colour to the blue skies in Niseko. Male woodpeckers have an additional red patch on its nape. The Great Spotted Woodpecker can be spotted in woodland around Niseko or taking a short break in trees around Hirafu. 

Snow Rabbit

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Otherwise known as the Japanese Hare, the snow rabbit is a nocturnal animal which feeds in the late evenings and early mornings around Niseko. It's pure white fur allows it to blend in with the snow, making the rabbit less prevalent to the human eye. 

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