Hokkaido Is Calling—Will You Answer?

Take a ride through Hokkaido's wonderful winter in search of the unexplored.

"Blessings can come in many forms. How you interpret them depends on the person you are". Professional skiers Sam Smoothy, Jeremie Heitz and Dane Tudor's journey in search of the unexplored, seeking a place where no one had stood before on their Audi Quattro Roadtrip. Leaving Tokyo's busy nightlife and crowded streets, they headed to Hokkaido in pursuit of deep snow and the unexplored.

Their search took them throughout Hokkaido's central regions, around Sapporo City and across the Niseko area. Take a look at their experience as they answer the call of Hokkaido's winter, shredding through powder snow, exploring cultural traditions and taking in the phenomenal natural landscapes of the island.

Hokkaido Calling - Full Version

Hokkaido Calling - Short Version

Did you catch any of the scenes from Niseko?