Protective Spirits of Mt Tenguyama

Visit one of the three best night views in Hokkaido and feel the presence of legendary creatures by taking a day trip from Niseko to Otaru.

Located only a short distance away from Niseko, Mt Tenguyama is a lesser known destination in Otaru. Famous for being one of three best nights views in Hokkaido, Mt Tenguyama is also home to protective mountain spirits, known as Tengu in Japanese.   

Otaru Tenguyama 2

View of Otaru City from the top of Mt Tenguyama.

Visit Mt Tenguyama and pay your respect to the mythical beings while enjoying the night view of Otaru. Take the ropeway up to the observatory at the top of the hill to see the port city lit up at night.

Mt Tenguyama gets its name from the shape of the mountain to resemble the long nose of a Tengu. In Japanese folklore, Tengu are seen as both fierce demons and a protective spirit of the mountains and forests.

Otaru Tenguyama Red Nose

Considered a powerful deity by some, people come to worship the creature to pray for health and business prospects. Rub the nose of the Tengu at Mt Tenguyama for good fortune.

Visit the inconspicuous Tengu museum with an impressive display of Tengu masks. These were used for various events and is said to ward off evil spirits.

Interested in Mt Tenguyama? Add this to your day trip to Otaru from Niseko.