New Restaurant Website Makes Eating Out In Niseko Easier

Never get turned down when going to a restaurant in Niseko again with the help of a new website that makes it easier to find a table.


A handy new website helping you find a table to eat out at in Niseko.

Table Search Niseko is the newest way to find a place to eat out when you are in the Niseko town area. Here's all the details you need to know to get started on your food journey in Niseko!

What is Table Search Niseko?

Niseko Town's Commerce and Industry Association have taken a big forward step to help improve the already excellent wining and dining experience here in the Niseko area. Table Search Niseko is a website that lets you check table availability across Niseko town and the Annupuri ski area in real time. Never get turned down when you go to a restaurant again. Simply jump online and take a look at where is available and save yourself trouble and hassle when trying to get a table for a night out in Niseko. Its especially handy during peak times, like during the winter season and when you think it might be crowded on certain nights. It definitely takes out the guesswork!

Table Search Niseko2

A new website dedicated to making eating out even easier in Niseko.

How does Table Search Niseko work?

The site lists a range of restaurants in the main Niseko downtown as well as across the Annupuri ski area. Using a Google Map overlay, you can check out which restaurants are fully booked and who still has an open table or two with an easy visual interface.

You can check availability for today, tomorrow, or next week even! With easy colour-coding, you can tell if a restaurant has several tables, is down to their last few, or is fully booked. Once you find a restaurant that is available, you can check all of the restaurant details, whether or not their are English menus or service is available in English, indicative cost per person, and more.

Table Search Niseko

Simply choose the restaurant from the listing to check the table availability.

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Easy colour-coding makes it quick and easy to see at a glance times and tables available.

While Table Search Niseko is well on its way to be an amazingly useful tool to help people navigate the Niseko food scene, it does currently have a few limitations to keep in mind when searching. As the site is still early in its development, it doesn't cover all of the restaurants in the Niseko town area. Even more so, you will find that it's coverage doesn't extend to Kutchan town, Hanazono or Grand Hirafu either. Whether or not the Niseko town Commerce and Industry Association plan to expand the range of coverage to include Kutchan town and other ski resorts is still unknown at this point in time.

Table Search Niseko also relies heavily on restaurants making active updates regarding their availability, which can be difficult in a busy restaurant environment. Still, when it is easy to contact a restaurant listed as available, it shouldn't be too hard to call ahead and confirm that there still is a table waiting for you and your party!

Make sure you check the website out and get yourself a table for tonight's dinner!

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