Opening Day for Winter 2017/18 Season

Today marks the first day of the winter season in Niseko with record November snowfall.

The lifts have started turning today with the opening day of Niseko's Winter 2017/18 season. Skiers and snowboarders have waited with bated breath to get their first ride up the mountain for the season.

Wintersnow Openingday 7

The first lifts to the top for Winter 2017/18.

November has seen record snowfall making for a terrific start to the season with a solid base now on the slopes. With more snow on the way this weekend, it's a great outlook for an exciting ski season ahead.

Lifts Now Open

  • Ace Pair Lift #3 from 8:30 - 15:30
  • Ace Quad Lift #2 Center 4 (transport lift)

Course Open

  • Center run
Wintersnow Openingday 5

Happy days for these skiers.

Check out our first turns for the season in our pre-opening video.