Niseko Rules for Winter 2018/19

Have fun and stay safe on the mountain by following Niseko Rules.

With the epic snow and mountain conditions being perfect for skiing and snowboarding in Niseko, there's no doubt that everyone is excited to be on the slopes. Whilst out on the mountain, it's also important to stick to the rules of the resort. Here's a reminder of Niseko Rules to keep you safe on the mountain throughout your trip!

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Niseko Rules

1. Off Limit Areas are strictly NO ENTRY at ANY TIME for ANY REASON.

2. Crossing boundary ropes is prohibited. Those who violate the rules may be refused from using all resorts facilities.

3. There is no safety control or patrols beyond the resort boundaries.

4. If the gates are CLOSED, do no exit into the terrain beyond.

5. Daily NISEKO AVALANCHE INFORMATION is OFFICIAL Niseko Rules information.

6.Search and Rescue efforts WILL BE CHARGED for incidents outside resort boundaries.

7. Obey Ski patrol's instructions at all times.

8. Children under 12 must refrain from going out of bounds unless accompanied by a proficient adult leader.

9. Niseko Resorts, and the local community respect the freedom of mountain users and place a strong emphasis on THE SAFE USAGE of the mountain.

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Essential Notes

Skiing or riding outside the ski resorts requires a high skill levels. The use of any areas outside the resort areas is at your OWN RISK and is your own RESPONSIBILITY. 

Gates WILL BE CLOSED IN ADVERSE WEATHER AND SNOW CONDITIONS. By ducking ropes and crossing over ropes, you will not only be breaking the rules, but you also send the message to others, that your actions are OK encouraging others to follow.

Many avalanche accidents occur during a storm, when snowdrifts and cornices develop and are unstable. Areas outside gates are not part of the Ski Resorts. 

For the most up to date information on Niseko Rules, visit Niseko United

Safe riding and have fun on the slopes in Niseko!