The New Frontier of Art in Niseko

Meet the new face of art in Niseko, Kiyoe Hosokawa. Here's a snippet of our recent chat with her for the Experience Niseko Winter 2018/19 magazine.

Kiyoe San At Kiyoe Gallery

Japanese art has long been known for its rich history and deep-rooted traditions–think ink painting and calligraphy, and woodblock prints depicting female beauties and kabuki actors. But there is something new on the horizon, and it’s here in Hokkaido.

Kiyoe Gallery is Niseko’s newest and only art gallery focusing on this new wave of art. Opening in 2016 and born out of a collaboration between gallery curator Kiyoe Hosokawa and Hokkaido artist Kineta Kunimatsu, the gallery celebrates Hokkaido’s emerging artists and this new Japanese aesthetic.

“Hokkaido is such a huge land with the snow and nature, and because of this, Hokkaido artworks are very soft and don’t use bright colours. Artists from countries with a hot climate, like those from Singapore or Jamaica, they use lots of colour but Hokkaido artists use soft colour and it’s so beautiful,” Hosokawa explains.

Kiyoe Gallery Sample Art On Display

“Kyoto has a long history and they have old techniques, for example, using gold paper or washi (traditional Japanese paper), but Hokkaido has not got a long history so the art it is quite ‘new’ art.”

“Hokkaido younger artists are trying new techniques with new challenges. Many different materials are used like wood paper, oil on wood, silk screen or acrylic paint on wood and then sandpaper over to show the woodgrain effect,” she says.

Hailing from Kitami, in north-eastern Hokkaido and having spent time aboard in the United Kingdom, Hosokawa moved to Niseko in 2016 to live out her passion project. She believes the new generation of Hokkaido artists have the power to make the new wave, not only in art but also society.

“I think younger artists are very important because of two reasons. Firstly, Hokkaido is a new land without a long history–it’s the new frontier,” she explains.


Interviewing with kiyoe

To read the rest of our interview with Kiyoe Hosokawa, pick up a copy of the brand new Experience Niseko Winter magazine. Free copies are available in resort now or you can view online

This month, Kiyoe Gallery will be hosting several events to promote Japanese culture.

Concert with Violinst Rie Ohashi
Date : 19 Dec 2018, 2pm-2.40pm 
Price: Free admission

Ikebana (Flower Arrangement Workshop)
Date: 20 & 27 Dec 2018, 3pm-5pm 
Price: ¥3500 p/person
Teacher : Naomi Kuwahara, Rena Saito
* Reservations required 2 days in advance.

Green Tea Ceremony
Date : 26 & 28 Dec 2018, 3pm-5pm
Price: ¥3500 p/person
Teacher : Nobuko Chiba
* Reservations required a day in advance.

For more information or to book visit