Check Out 'increw' Shredding Through The Niseko Backcountry

Niseko locals from 'increw' know all the best spots to hit wicked terrain and get serious footage in the Niseko backcountry. Check out this wicked video.

It is easy to see how someone who lives and plays in Niseko all year-round and has been putting together awesome videos of the Niseko backcountry for years is going to know all the ins and outs of where to hit wicked terrain and to get some pretty stunning shots in and around the amazing backcountry here in Niseko! As always, make sure you are paying heed to conditions and following the Niseko rules and never go out into the backcountry alone or unprepared!

Check out increws latest video, with some of their highlights from the month of February this year! Don't worry, we will go back and share some of their older videos too, as they are pretty awesome! Keep an eye out for more of increw's great videos and more here on Experience Niseko!