March Is Off To A Stellar Start

March is looking good so far! Here's hoping we have our biggest March yet!

March 9 Powder Fresh Tracks By Acme

Fresh tracks all morning long! It's like there's no one here but us.

While word is starting to get around, March's reputation for good powder snow here in Niseko is still relatively unknown it seems. With almost 50cm of snowfall in the last few days alone, March is off to a good start to contend with the best of them. The past three days the snow hasn't let up and it is still falling at an unbelievable pace. To make it even better the forecast is for the next week is still looking quite promising.

Yesterday's snowfall was coming down in massive monster flakes, light and fluffy, despite their size. Hasn't seemed to let up as it is still coming down today!

Friend's Around Niseko

We haven't been the only ones noticing all the fresh snowfall. Our friend Clayton, who kindly took us out for some awesome cat skiing in January, had some great words on the subject of Niseko during March this morning. It truly is 'Japarch' right now, folks! We hope you are here to enjoy it with us.

So far, we have already hit about half of the snowfall for last March which capped off at about 109cm by the end of the month. While March 2016 wasn't the best March, the snowfall in March has been making waves in the last few years and for good reason. Even if there isn't as much snowfall like the months of January and February, with the lower guest numbers over the month of March, the time frame to find fresh tracks all morning and even into the afternoon is much higher at the end of February and into March. Despite our best efforts to share this over the last while, it seems that the situation hasn't changed all that much. But we are okay with this, as we are a bit powder hungry, too!

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Get out their and enjoy the Japarch powder snow! Don't forget a night run or two before they finish for the season!