What to Eat in February

Have a good fortune sushi roll to celebrate the coming of spring.

Here's another excuse to consume copious amounts of Hokkaido's fresh seafood when visiting Niseko. 

Take part in a fun Japanese tradition by eating a good fortune roll during your stay! Ehoumaki (long, uncut sushi roll), is traditionally eaten to celebrate the coming of spring in the old lunar calendar. The sushi roll is eaten to bring good luck and wishes. 


Traditionally, ehoumaki includes seven ingredients such as salmon, tuna, tamagoyaki (Japanese omelette) and cucumber. The sushi roll should be served uncut and eaten whole as the length symbolises good luck. 

The sushi roll must be eaten in one sitting facing a certain lucky direction and in total silence, making this tradition even more unique! This year's lucky direction is east-north-east.

5 Kinds Of Temaki

Temaki Sushi Plate at Kumo Restaurant

Craving sushi? Head to Sushi Wakatake for fresh seasonal sushi prepared in front of you or Kumo Restaurant to make your own temaki (hand roll) with delectable Hokkaido seafood.