What to Eat in September

From the internet sensation of raw meats, try raw sweetcorn in Niseko.

Only available for a limited time during September, try eating sweetcorn raw! The concept may sound bizarre at first but given the excellent farming conditions and the strong reputation for high quality produce in Niseko, it comes as no wonder that this is a local specialty.


Freshly picked from the local farms on the same morning, sweetcorn can be consumed raw. We'll leave it up to you to try the taste. 

Raw Sweetcorn

Raw sweetcorn being sold at a local vegetable stall.

Sweetcorn which can be consumed raw will have the Japanese kanji 生食, meaning eat raw written next to it. Find this local specialty in small local vegetable stands around town and occasionally in the mornings at Niseko View Plaza. 

Interested in more local specialty and produce? Attend Niseko's Autumn Food Festival