Winter Road Closures Around Niseko

All you need to know about winter road closures around Niseko area and surrounding roads.

Winter Road

As we approach the end of the fall season, snow can already be seen on the mountain.

Some of the surrounding roads around the Niseko area will be closing to traffic for the winter season.

1. Hokkaido Route 66 Iwanai-Toya Route ( A.K.A. Panaorama Line)

Closure: Kyowa, Oikomi Gate ~ Rankoshi, Aza-Yunosato (Yunosato Gatee) 18.3km

Closure Period: Oct. 24th 2016 10:00 AM ~ Apr. 28th 2017

2. Hokkaido Route 268 Iwanai-Rankoshi Route

Closure: Kyowa, Oikomi (Hokkaido Route Iwanai-Toya Route Intersection~Rankoshi, Niimi 1 (Niimi Hot Spring Gate) 7.0km

Closure Period: Oct. 24th 2016 10:00 AM ~ May 26th 2017

3. Hokkaido Route 58 Kutchan-Niseko Route

Closure: Kutchan, Hanazono National Forest Park, 12 Hayashihan Gate ~ Niseko-cho - Rankoshi (Goshiki Onsen Gate) 5.9km

Closure Period: Oct. 24th 2016 11:00AM ~ May 26th 2017

Contact in relation to the road closures:

In relation to 1 or 2:

Otaru Construction Management Division, Cooperative Branch Office TEL: 0136-62-1818

Otaru Construction Mangement Division, Rankoshi Branch Office TEL: 0136-57-2136

In relation to 3:

Otaru Construction Mangement Division, Makkari Branch Office TEL: 0136-45-2136

*The above listed periods may vary slightly due to weather conditions

If you have any questions or concerns in relation to the above:

Niseko Town Hall, Industry and Tourism Division TEL:0136-44-2121

Niseko Resort Tourism Association TEL:0136-43-2051