Discover Autumn In Fukidashi Park

Witness the spectacular autumn leaves out on show at Fukidashi Park in Niseko, Japan.

Fukidashi Park

Autumn in Japan is a glorious time of year when the weather cools and mother nature puts on one of her finest shows. A dazzling display of colours can be seen with the autumn foliage out on display. There's many hot spots throughout Japan to view the stunning autumn leaves, including parts of Niseko, like at Fukidashi Park.

Fukidashi Park Water Reflections

Pagola and spring water pond with autumn leaf reflections.

Located at the foot of the eastern side of Mt Yotei, Fukidashi Park in Kyogoku town, is a favourite for autumn leaf viewing amongst locals and visitors alike. With open grass areas, walkways and bridges to explore, as well as a playground, it's a very pleasant and relaxing place for the whole family to spend the day!

Red Leaves At Fukidashi Park

Fiery autumn leaves.

Fukidashi Park Autumn Leaves

Golden autumn leaves out on show.

Not only is Fukidashi great for autumn sightseeing but it's also home to spring water that has been on the ‘Japan’s 100 Best Spring Water’ list since 1985. With the park at the base of Mount Yotei, water flows out of a moss covered outcrop at an impressive rate of 80,000 tonnes a day! The water springs like a jet stream and flows out to form two large ponds, beautifully reflecting the colour and shapes of the autumn leaves.

The spring water (‘Yotei no Fukidashi Yusui‘) is famous throughout Japan and is greatly respected. The rich mineral water remains at an average temperature of 6 degrees Celsius making it super refreshing to drink and what's even better is you are allowed to take the water home by filling up your water bottle!

Fukidashi Park Springs 3

Flowing natural spring water within the park.

Fukidashi Park

Spring water flowing over mossy rocks into the pond at the park.

Before you head home, take in the stunning views of Mt Yotei in the distance and stop by at the many shops nearby the park. There's also a neighbouring golf course and Kyogoku Onsen for an extra bit fun and relaxation!

Fukidashi Park Spring

Spring water pond with Mt Yotei in the background.

Park opening hours: All year round (best visited during October for autumn leaves)
Admission is free of charge
Parking is available
Phone: +81-136-42-2292

Fukidashi park, 45 Kawanishi, Abuta District, Hokkaido Prefecture 044-0131