A range of authentic Korean food and drinks and a comfortable open-style restaurant that's great for family and friends. Korean BBQ and plenty of spicy dishes!

Tomonepocha Kutchan Korean Restaurant Bbq Layout

Tomonepocha translates to mean Tomo's Food Cart in Korean, which is why the red food vendor pavilion sheets adorn a section of the second floor restaurant situated in the heart of Kutchan's food district. Run by the friendly and energetic Tomo, the restaurant is often bustling with guests from around the world.

Tomonepocha's menu is authentically Korean, with a long list of traditional dishes and a few cross-over items like yakitori as well. Top items include their Samgyeopsal set (Korean BBQ), Dakgangjeong (spicy chicken), and a range of different Korean hotpots. Their drink menu features a number of Korean beverages ranging from beer and makgeolli (Makkoli) to stronger Korean rice spirits.

Walk-in available, but it never hurts to call ahead.

  • Address: 13-F2, Kita 1 Nishi 1, Kutchan Town
  • Telephone: 0136-55-8766
  • English Speaking: No
  • English Menu: Yes
  • Credit Card Accepted: Yes
  • Vegetarian Options: No
  • Website