NAC Big Swim in Lake Toya

The NAC Big Swim is held in the beautiful Lake Toya, about a one hour drive from Niseko.

There are several race distances, as well as races for the kids. It is Hokkaido's only open water swim (OWS) race and incorporates the Hokkaido OWS Championships.

Water temperature can be anything from frigid (19C) to toasty (27C), depending on the weather preceding the event. Wetsuits are allowed, but usually only a third of the swimmers use them.

The Akebono Park is a great place for camping and many competitors camp for the competition weekend. On the day JoJo's cafe provides a gourmet lunch.

NEW: 5000 metre Hokkaido OWS Champions Race

Place: Lake Toya, Akebono Park

When: Sunday 17th July 2016

Races: Open - 5000m / 6650yen; 3000m / 6650yen; 1500m / 5650yen; 800m / 4650yen

High School - 1500m / 4650yen;

Junior High School - 800m / 3650yen;

Primary School - 400m / 2650yen

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Image copyright of NAC Niseko Adventure Centre


Image copyright of NAC Niseko Adventure Centre