Niseko Town Kaributo Shrine Festival

Niseko Town Kaributo Jinja Matsuri Shrine Festival 7 mtime20170726105634

A group of volunteers pulling the Kaributo Shrine's portable alter through the streets of Niseko Town.

This festival falls on the same day (25 August) each year. During the day, volunteers from across Niseko Town come together to push the heavy Omikoshi (portable shrine alter) from Kaributo Shrine through the town of Niseko to wish good luck and health upon those that live there.

School children are given the day off so that they can participate in the festival's shrine parade and large group dances. Local businesses and members of the town hall offices also come out in great numbers to help with carrying on the festival's traditions.

Event Information:

Date: 25 August

Location: Niseko Town, Kaributo Shrine

Fee: ¥0