Yoshiaki Maezawa Solo Exhibition

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Yoshiaki Maezawa

Born in Kyoto. He was fascinated by rich nature of Hokkaido and the urbanization at amazing speed in Sapporo. He keeps capturing the clear expression that the earth shows. His eyes are sharp, looking at the moving lights and shadows, while he holds the camera in front of the determined landscape.

Even if it’s raining, snowstorm or strong sunlight, he just waits for the moment when the landscape moves. Someone asks him “Why you take such a method?” Then he said “To confine.” The sight in the photo can be felt as if it was swaying as if it were a real scene. Continuity obtained because of the quiet scenery. It is confined as a continuous living land scape.

His confinement is the natural scenery including time. He can see the scenery because he was not born and raised in Hokkaido. Also it’s easy to notice for him it is peculiar. Such works which record the appearance of Hokkaido beautifully and discover the time carved in the area are recognized as a work that enhances its cultural historical significance.


Location: An Dining (Ki Niseko 1F)

When: February 4, 2020 - March 21, 2020

For more information, please see the exhibition poster here.