50 Days, 50 Ways

With 50 days until the scheduled start of lift operations here in Niseko, we've been daydreaming about all those things you can do in Niseko in winter!

A winter wonderland is on its way with the first snow falling on Mt Yotei during mid September this year. That little hint of winter got us thinking... what are the 50 best things to do, see, eat and explore while on holiday in Niseko? 

And here's our list! How many will you do!? 

50 Things To Do This Winter
1. Eat soup curry26. Spot a deer
2. Try a mixed onsen27. Try cross country tour
3. Check out a local supermarket28. Take a snowboard lesson
4. Eat Gyoza29. Ride the Hirafu Gondola
5. Make a snowman30. Experience an izakaya
6. Have a snowball fight31. Kanpai!
7. Meet Santa32. Go snowshoeing
8. Pat a reindeer33. Watch a shamisen performance
9. Spot a fox34. Try Japanese Shabu-shabu
10. Taste delicious uni (sea urchin)35. Taste delicious 'conbini' (convenience store) food
11. Go backcountry36. Lick a creamy Hokkaido 'soft cream'
12. Take a ski lesson37. Visit a Japanese 'matsuri' (festival)
13. Listen to taiko drum performance38. Attend a baseball or football game at Sapporo Dome
14. Take a photo with Mt Yotei39. Take a day tour to Otaru or Lake Toya
15. Speak some Japanese40. Slurp a bowl of ramen while on the mountain
16. Learn about Ainu culture at local museum41. Thank the ski patrol (say 'Arigatou gozeimasu')
17. Try night skiing42. Buy a local souvenir
18. Go snowmobiling43. Eat street food at the Niseko food truck court
19. Find the most impressive ski chalet44. Take a yoga class
20. Glide that snow on a sled45. Make a snow angel
21. Go ice skating46. Build an igloo
22. Try tree trekking47. Go snowbiking
23. Make ice candles48. Catch a snowflake
24. Try Nabe-nabe49. Go to the "peak"
25. Ride a Gentem stick50. Drink matcha


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