Hokkaido's Destination for All You Can Eat Oyster

Kaki-Goya (or 'The Oyster Shack') at Suttsu Oyster Village is an hours drive from Niseko and worth every minute of the journey.

For both quantity and quality, there are few seafood restaurants in Japan, or indeed anywhere in the world, that can compete with Kaki-Goya. 

Sutsu Oyster Village Lr 45

The hood is lifted, revealing the best oysters you may ever taste. 

On a clear day, getting away from the hustle and bustle of Niseko to the picturesque seaside fishing town of Suttsu is a real treat. Located on the west coast of Hokkaido, the drive runs along the coast line through many tunnels, each revealing a stunning new coastal view when you reach the other side. This is ocean famous for seafood and has long been a drawcard for seafood restaurateurs, looking to purchase Japan's best and biggest oysters. 

The opening of the Suttsu Oyster Village is all the more reason for you to make the trip too. This father-and-son-run business serves up not just famous Suttsu oysters as the name suggests, but a whole host of delicious, super-fresh seafood, including king crab, king prawns and scallops.

Sutsu Oyster Village Lr 69

Suttsu Oyster Village - a genuine seafood extravaganza. 

The all-you-can-eat oyster package is the reason most people visit though. For just ¥4,500 yen per person, an extraordinary amount of oysters are cooked on a hot plate at your table by the seafood chefs, or if you're lucky, the restaurant owner Toshihiko-san himself. 

By placing a metal hood over the plate, the oysters are steamed to perfection and shuck easily revealing a soft, flavourful, fleshy oyster every time. The option of a lemon sauce, a chili sauce or a soy sauce provide a little extra tang for those who seek it. The package is served with oyster rice and oyster soup. 

Suttsu Oyster Village

It's not just oysters at the Suttsu Oyster Village.

The restaurant seats 100 people around tables for eight, each with it's own in-built hot plate. The wooden interior, whilst new, does have a 'beach-shack' feel and is lit naturally to enhance that seaside vibe. Outside, views looking over Suttsu Bay and the Sea of Japan make for great photography. 

Sutsu Oyster Village Lr 6

Restaurant owner and Suttsu local Toshihiko Yoshino welcomes guests to Kaki-Goya. 

If you're keen to check out Kaki-Goya at the Suttsu Oyster Village, contact SkyExpress to arrange a dedicated driver.

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