What to Eat in March

Traditional Japanese eats and more seasonal seafood in Niseko, a gourmet heaven.

March in Niseko is the time to enjoy seasonal seafood and traditional Japanese eats. As ice begins to melt in the far north of Hokkaido, crustaceans and mollusks caught across the region are rich in fat. Tying in with the Japanese Festival, Hinamatsuri (Girl's Day), try different traditional Japanese snacks with good symbolism in Niseko.



Chirashizushi is a dish where a mix of fresh fish is scattered decoratively across the top of rice. Eating fresh fish on Hinamatsuri is a symbol of good luck and prosperity in Japan. Taste fresh sashimi at An Dining



Amazake is a customary non-alcoholic drink consumed on Girl's Day by locals. The sweet fermented rice drink is packed with health benefits and is enjoyed by the Japanese all year round. Try the traditional Japanese drink at Ki Niseko's Hinamatsuri Celebration or at Sake Bar, SaSa

Horsehair Crab

Crab Dining Kanon

Although different crabs can be caught in Hokkaido throughout half the year, spring horsehair crab is one of the most delicious types to try. Horsehair crab caught during March is rich in fat, and is particularly delicious as a seasonal fare. Check out some of the best places to eat crab in Niseko. 



Feeding on nutrition-rich plankton, the same is true for oysters harvest in Hokkaido during this period. Notable for their depth in flavor, size and plump, juicy flesh, try this at Hirafu's new Tapas Restaurant, Temporadas

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