Artisanal Lifestyles - Alex Yoder

Take a look into the amazing life of Alex Yoder and get a peek of what it would be like to live a season as a member of the Gentemstick team.

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Alex Yoder looking out over the mountains.

It is fair enough to say that Alex Yoder has spent some solid time playing in Niseko powder. He spent a winter as a Gentemstick team rider a few years back. Spending a Niseko winter in the Gentemstick yurt was surely an unforgettable experience for just about anyone, that said, it seems that Alex lives a life that is pretty full of unforgettable experiences. His latest adventure, in Turkey, has him riding down slopes on 'traditional' boards which are little more than planks of wood!

Back in 2014, Alex spent the winter with Gentemstick and clearly took a lot from the experience. As a member of the team Alex was given an incredible look into a unique Niseko lifestyle and outlook on the world. He even was featured in Snowsurf: A Gentem Family Story, a film which provides a deeper look into the snowsurf movement.

"It only takes a couple days riding with the Gentemstick crew to realize that they have a different outlook. For one, they're always riding insanely deep powder. Secondly, they're not focused on anything but turning and appreciating the feeling. It's a special feeling when you remember to stop thinking in the mountains and just let gravity tell you what to do.”

Terasu caught up with Alex in 2014 during his time here in Niseko and they put together the video below. In the video, Artisanal Lifestyles, Alex talks of his outlook on life, the sport of snowboarding, and a bit of what it was like to live in Niseko during the winter.