Botanical Art Workshop in Niseko-Hirafu

Making beautiful postcards by hand is easy when you have the right materials and the know-how!

Beautiful Niseko flowers are perfect for postcards

What is botanical art? Well that's simple, it is the combination of botany, the study of plants, and art! The art form takes advantage of the beauty of nature to produce wonderful finished works. Botanical art in the Western-world is typically referred to as botanical illustration, however, here in Japan flower-press artwork, oshibana, dates all the way back to the 9th century! Under the guiding hand of one of Nobuo Sugino's students, a botanical artist in Japan, workshop attendees used pressed plants and flowers to create picturesque postcards.

Botanic Art Workshop postcard 1

For many, summer in Hokkaido equates to beautiful flower gardens. This event was the first time in Niseko history that botanical art has had such an impact in Niseko and the first ever workshop held to share and teach the art. The event was a huge success and brought a full spectrum of interested participants ranging from retirees to gardeners an even just plain nature-enthusiasts! The workshop is open to men and women of all walks-of-life and was an excellent way to spend an afternoon.

It took approximately two hours to create a pair of postcards at the workshop; given all the steps, it wasn't a surprise. We've simplified the process here, but to start you need to carefully consider your composition, the layout and design you wish to arrange your flowers in. Next, using tweezers and a special resin-glue, you must gently apply the resin and lay out each flower. Additional stages and details can be added, to further bring out the pressed flower display. The finished works will reflect the concentration and dedication that went into their creation and are an way to share your feelings and appreciation with a special friend or family member or a lovely way to decorate a home.

While this was the first workshop being held in Niseko, it isn't the last! The famous Nobuo Sugino himself will be coming to Niseko to hold a second workshop, providing an incredibly rare chance to further explore the art of making flower presses and creating alchemical accessories this coming August 4th. For event details, see here.