Find Out What Paula Taylor Buttery Was Up To In Niseko!

A short interview with Thai celebrity Paula Taylor Buttery on her time here in Niseko this past March.

Paula Taylor Buttery March 2017 Stay At Ki Niseko

Paula Taylor Buttery, well-known actress, model, and presenter, of English and Thai decent visited Niseko this past March. You can check out Paula's Instagram account here, where she has an impressive 2 million followers! Despite being born in Thailand, she grew up in Australia. Her career in the Thai fashion and cinema industry started almost accidentally, when she was scouted for some modeling while visiting family on a trip to her mother's homeland. Now you can see her on magazine covers, in commercials and Thai TV! So when we found out she was here in Niseko, we couldn't pass up the chance to get a quick word with her.

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You might have seen this one before in our post highlighting our favourite Instagram snaps from winter 2016/17! Well, it turns out that during her mid-March stay, Paula took a lot of awesome photos. We have found a few of them on her Instagram account and put them up so you can see them. Check out Paula's thoughts on her time here in Niseko:

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Experience Niseko: How and where did you first hear about Niseko?

Paula: I was invited to come along by some friends who were traveling to Niseko this March. I love Japan anyways, so I am always looking for any excuse to go back!

EN: Great to hear! After being invited, what was it that that sparked your interest in Niseko?

Paula: Snowboarding! It's my favourite sport so I am always keen to get out and work on my boarding. Being so close to Bangkok and Hong Kong, Niseko is really convenient! I almost can't believe we had never come out before.

I think that even if we moved to Europe or North America, I would still be pretty interested in making the trek back out to Niseko!

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EN: What was your initial impression of Niseko when you first got here?

Paula: So much snow! I mean, I heard the stories, but there is so much of it!

EN: Have you snowboarded a lot before? How are you finding boarding here in Niseko?

Paula: Well, as it is my favourite sport, I like to go whenever I can. We are heading off to Europe once this trip wraps up, too!

I feel like my riding ability here is sooooo good! (Laughs) Well, at least to my standards, maybe! I think it might be due to all the fluffy snow. Falling down doesn't hurt so much and so you get a lot more daring. I'm a bit nervous what will happen when we get to Europe! I hope my skills don't drop or anything!

EN: What is the different experience of skiing/snowboarding in Niseko from other places?

Paula: One simple little word—snow!

It really is out of this world how food and how much of it there is in Niseko! Other places I have been just don't come close.

EN: Have you been to any interesting restaurants or shops so far? Any recommendations you would want to give?

Paula: There are so many interesting little bars and restaurants here. Rather than recommend a single place, I would say just be adventurous and go and explore! That's one of the best parts of travelling, discovering and trying something new!

EN: What would you tell a friend that they have to try here in Niseko?

Paula: I went out to the Powder Room the other night and their caviar and vodka shots made the night!