Niseko's Lovely Spring Scenery

Take a look at a local resident's photos of the lovely spring colours here in Niseko. Plenty of blues, pinks, and purples!

The month of May is winding down and the early spring bloomers are starting to wilt away. The blue cordyalis and purple dogtooth violet have just finished up their bloom and the pink and white sakura petals have all fallen to the ground. But as some flowers wilt and fade away, others will continue to burst forth into colourful life!

Currently the dandelions are forming fields of yellow and green mosses are vibrant along forest floors. And it won't be much longer before sunflowers and lupine are coming into season.

A local Niseko Town resident, Miyoko Nakagawa, was kind enough to share some of her lovely spring photographs. Living out on the edge of Niseko Town, she is fortunate to wake up to beautiful sights like these each and every morning! Just one of the perks when you live in the Japanese countryside!

Beautiful Scenery Of Niseko Spring 2017 1

A field of Japanese dogtooth violets blooming between when the snows melted and the sakura come into bloom.

Beautiful Scenery Of Niseko Spring 2017 5

What a great shot of a snowy Mt Yotei with the sakura coming into bloom!