First Strider Enjoy Cup In Niseko; A Day To Remember!

Niseko hosts the annual Strider Enjoy Cup event for the first time.

Strider racetrack

The first Strider Enjoy Cup took place in Niseko last Sunday. Strider bikes are designed for children and kids aged 18 months to 5 years. A racetrack, which was at the heart of the event, was designed for the toddlers to fly through.

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The strider enjoy cup was much more than just a race. Family tents started popping up all over the festival area around 9 o’clock in the morning. Not only did the parents come out, there were also grandparents actively chanting and cheering on the side of the racecourse.

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The Ki Niseko rodeo could also be found at the back of the festival zone. People of all ages tried to stay on the rotating sheep for as long as they possibly could. Additionally, T-shirts that were designed by local artists could be bought for the kids right at the entrance of the festival and proved a big hit.

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Have a look at all the photos in the slideshow or enjoy the short video below!