From Sea to Land: Niseko Sakura

A journey through fresh Hokkaido seafood and delectable wagyu beef.

Fresh sushi and premium wagyu beef are arguably two of Japan's most well known dishes. With the opening of Niseko Sakura, diners can sample both of Japan's finest in one sitting. Located in the centre of Hirafu Village, Niseko Sakura takes its guests on a gastronomical experience from the Japanese sea to the land of the rising sun. 

Niseko Sakura Lr 6

Special Hokkaido Sashimi Plate from Niseko Sakura.

Opened in Winter 2018, Niseko Sakura is a Shabu-Shabu restaurant which prides itself on serving a wide selection of high quality A5 Wagyu beef and artisan sushi & seafood. Shabu-shabu, is a traditional Japanese hotpot dish which consists of cooking thinly sliced meat and vegetables in broth and is the perfect way to sample different wagyu beef without feeling too full (too soon)! 

Offering 6 different course menus, we tried the classic Sakura Course and Tsubaki Course.

Niseko Sakura Lr 5

Fresh sashimi and sushi at Niseko Sakura.

The courses at Niseko Sakura are carefully curated and presented in an order of light to heavy flavours. Starting with their special Hokkaido fresh sashimi platter and sushi, the immaculate presentation draws instant attention to the large Hokkaido crab, plump oysters from Akkeshi and the glistening, overflowing ikura (salmon roe). 

Thoughtful for guests, the sizeable crab legs are snipped open, making it easy to get to the soft and sweet crab meat. However, the star of the colourful seafood platter was definitely the thickly cut scallops. Straight from the sea, scallops served at Niseko Sakura are firm in texture with a unique mild sweetness, staying true to its nickname "Candy of the Sea".

Niseko Sakura Lr 17

Shabu-Shabu at Niseko Sakura with cuts of Wagyu beef and fresh vegetables.

After tasting the freshest flavours of Hokkaido seafood, feast on some of Japan's best A5 wagyu beef from Matsusaka and Hokkaido Shiraoi Beef. A5 is the highest possible grade given to Japanese bred cattle. 

Neatly placed in red lacquered boxes, try cuts of wagyu including Spencer roll, tender top round, fatty chuck roll and short rib which has a richer taste. 

Niseko Sakura Lr 29

A5 Matsuzaka Beef served in red lacquered boxes.

Dip the thinly sliced premium meats into either chicken or the hot & spicy broth which are both prepared using over dozens of medicinal herbs and spices with health benefits. Take note to dip the Spencer roll and top round into the broth first as these cuts have the most most marbling and is best enjoyed in the clear soup.  

Cooked piece by piece, enjoy swishing each slice into the soup and pair with either sweet soy or sesame sauce. Eat as many or as little as you want while having a good chat. 

Niseko Sakura Lr 27

Swish and enjoy. 

Nothing goes to waste. After indulging on the deliciously tender cuts of meat, finish the broth with handmade gyozas and fresh morizumi ramen noodles. Finish the savoury meal with a sweet yet light mochi ice cream ball. 

Dine at the sophisticated modern Japanese restaurant for fresh seafood and high quality wagyu beef, all under one roof. 

Niseko Sakura Lr 5 2

Exterior of Niseko Sakura. 

Niseko Sakura

Opening Times: Everyday 5 pm - 11 pm (Winter Only)

Location: 170-137, Yamada, Kutchan Town, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido 044-0081

Tel: 0136-23-1111

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