An Inside Look At Gentemstick's New Showroom

Step inside Gentemstick Niseko's new showroom. With over 30 years of experience handcrafting snowboards here in Niseko, their showroom is well worth a visit.

Gentemstick's New Showroom Open This Season 20

Large windows on the new Gentem Showroom lets you catch a glimpse from outside along route 343.

A familiar sight along route 343, you can see into the old showroom windows as you drive along from Hirafu towards Niseko Village. The old building still stands, although it is somewhat diminished next to the brand new Gentemstick showroom that has just recently opened up this season!

Large and spacious, with a cafe set to open up on the top floor, it is a big change from the humble storefront on their Niseko workshop. We popped over to take a first-hand look at the new showroom and snap some photos to share with the community. Take a look at the photo gallery below for what to expect!

About Gentemstick and Taro Tamai

Gentemstick is an icon within the Niseko area and is a staple within the local community. With founder Taro Tamai at it's helm, it has grown from a simple one-man operation producing custom-ordered boards to something that has gained global recognition. Within the snowboarding community it's name and the red mark on the nose of their black-bottom boards is a recognizable sight and their design decisions have even made their mark on board design within the industry as well. Tamai was quick on the uptake with new board designs emerging in the 1970s and 1980s and many design aspects found in his boards from the 1990s were only entering into mainstream board design as late as 2010!

A staunch supporter of the snowsurf movement, considered a next generation snowboarding style and even a lifestyle to some of those who practice it, both Taro Tamai and Gentemstick will surely continue to make their mark on both Niseko and the snowboarding community.

About Gentemstick Boards

All Gentemstick boards are designed here in Niseko and most are handcrafted here as well. Their boards aren't mass-produced, rather each board is made with care and attention and designed with the 'short board revolution' and the snowsurf ideal in mind. It is very clear from the final product that emerges just how much time and energy goes into design and material selection as well as the manufacturing process.

While Gentemsticks are often hailed as amazing powder boards, they are meant for more than just riding powder. All of their boards can be ridden on groomed runs or in waist-deep Niseko powder. Picking the right board often depends heavily on the kind of riding that you prefer or plan to do. If you are hitting open terrain with fewer obstacles, then a long, wide-nosed board with a dove-tail might work well. Planning on hitting the trees? You might find a shorter and nimbler board more suitable. Perhaps you aren't sure what conditions will be like, that's okay they have a range of boards that are good in the unknown as well! Either way, you are best to come in and speak to one of their board specialists as they can help you to pick out which board or boards might best suit your needs.

Built to last many years of good riding, the Gentem philosophy is that snowboards are not meant to be disposable. Rather, you pick a board and use it, care for it, and keep it. Maybe one day in the future you start to wonder what a new shape might feel like so you add a new board to your snowboard quiver, expanding the range of boards you have at your disposal.

Check out our full interview with Domi Churiki from the Gentemstick team.

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