Jenny Jones On The House Of Powder's Backcountry Cat Skiing

Jenny Jones gave us a review of her time in the backcountry with The House of Powder. Find out what she thinks about their set up, the terrain and more!

The House Of Powder Owner And Operator Clayton Kernaghan And Jenny Jones

Jenny chilling with The House of Powder owner and operator, Clayton Kernaghan.

During the middle of January we were doubly luck to get into the backcountry with Jenny Jones during her second stay here in Niseko. We spent the day hitting the slopes over at The House of Powder's new Chise cat skiing location. With no one else guiding that day, we had the whole mountain to ourselves and because of all the snowfall that week it was just endless powder all morning.

Well, Jenny's time here in Niseko has come to an end and she has headed back home, but we sent her an email to get her feedback and thoughts on the operation, the terrain, and the experience as a whole.

Experience Niseko: What did you expect from the experience? Was there anything that you wanted to get out of the experience?

Jenny: I just wanted to ride some fresh powder with friends. And I hoped this would be the case but wasn’t sure what I would get.

EN: So in the end, what was your overall impression of the day?

Jenny: I got to ride fresh tracks all day with my friends which was just what I had hoped for! The terrain, although not overly challenging, was incredibly fun and it made for a really great day.

EN: What was the best part of the day? Did anything make it particularly memorable?

Jenny: Powder is always the best part of any day! But literally, the powder turns! Oh, and hearing your friends whooping and hollering as they carve along around you.

The House Of Powder In The Backcountry With Jenny Jones 4 Black And White

Epic shot of Jenny throwing up a heavy powder spray at Chise!

EN: How would you say it compares other times you have been out here in the backcountry?

Jenny: The laps were pretty quick, which was nice as it set really awesome rhythm to the day. It wasn't quite as steep terrain as some of the other places I've ridden, but nonetheless it was a fun day out!

EN: If you were to recommend this same experience to someone, who would you think it is most suited for?

Jenny: I would recommend The House of Powder's cat skiing to people who are not yet that confident with off-piste powder riding, but really enjoy it and those who would like to get more time out in the powder under their belt in a safe environment where they wouldn't end up being too nervous. The slopes had a really good gradient where you can just sit back and enjoy the ride without worrying too much about what's coming up in front of you. Just relax and enjoy the big powder sprays when they come, so good!

EN: Any other words of advise you can provide for anyone reading this who might be considering looking into booking a cat ski tour themselves?

Jenny: Stop thinking of doing it and just book it!

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