Grand Finale from Niseko Town's Summer Firework Festival

Awesome fireworks building into a massive blossom of fire and light, all set to some epic shamisen playing–what more could you want?

Niseko Town's Summer Festival

Japanese summer festivals really are a special treat. If you've ever been to one, you will know what we are talking about when we say that there is a truly magical energy in the air. Smoke from food stalls fills the air with the most tantalizing aromas, enough to make your mouth water. The sounds of children and adults talking and laughing mixes in with music and fireworks. To top it all of are the amazing fireworks exploding over the heads of a thousand people half of whom are sporting traditional Japanese summer yukata. Even after living in Japan for a number of years, the experience can be a bit surreal.

Here is the finale from Niseko Town's summer hanabi taikai or firework festival. The crowd really got into the last display that was topped off with a traditional shamisen player strumming along to the fiery display illuminating the night sky!