An Interview With Gentemstick Snowboards

Experience Niseko caught up with Domi Churiki of Gentemstick Snowboards as they get ready to open their store again for the winter 2016/17 season in Niseko.

When we had the chance to catch up with the team at Gentemstick Snowboards, we jumped at the chance to find out more about the philosophy and craftsmanship behind these unique boards.

Based just outside of the Grand Hirafu resort, Gentemstick Snowboards are renowned for creating snowboards designed especially to ride powder. It's the concept of "the wave and the snow", with these two elements being similar in the way of a high-purity contact point between humans and the Earth. This philosophy gave way to Gentemstick founder, Taro Tamai's, concept of "snowsurf" and its associated "short board revolution".

The boards are created from an unframed, freedom searching mindset. The company handcrafts its boards with the utmost care, and is therefore able to deliver a unique quality that is recognised world wide. These beautiful snowboards can be used on both groomers and in the powder. With Gentemstick is opening its doors Saturday 17th December, 2016, we took the chance to chat with member of the Gentemstick team and dedicated snowboarder, Domi Churiki, for an exclusive Experience Niseko interview.

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For more information on Gentemstick Snowboards, visit their website.