Must-see Summer Festivals in Hokkaido

Summer in Hokkaido is the season of matsuri, traditional festivals in Japan.

Covered in lush greenery and blessed by temperate climate, summer in Hokkaido is about celebrating fresh produce, beautiful weather and local communities 
through festivals around the area. 

Here are some of the must see festivals in Hokkaido which are easily accessible from Niseko.

Kutchan Town's Jaga Matsuri

Kutchan Town Jaga Matsuri Potato Festival 2017 4755

Jaga Matsuri is one of the biggest summer festivals which happens in Kutchan Town. Celebrating the good harvest, the festival is themed around the town's famous crop; potatoes. Watch last year's Kutchan Town Jaga Matsuri in action here.

Date: Aug 3

Location: Kutchan Town

Hirafu Matsuri

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From early morning to late evening, enjoy the vibrant culture of Niseko at Hirafu Festival. Expect fun games and activities such as newspaper sword fight, pumptracks, mochi making and more! See some of the highlights from last year's Hirafu Festival here.

Date: Aug 24

Location: Niseko

Noboribetsu Hell's Festival

Jigoku Matsurinoboribetsu

Famous for emitting hot sulfurous steam all year round, Noboribestsu is well known for the town festival to commemorate the opening of hell's gates. Watch the demon king emerge with his army of demons and parade through the town. 

Date: Aug 30 - 31

Location: Noboribetsu

Shakotan Fire Festival

Shakotan Fire Festival Hi Matsuri 2017 1

Known for its beautiful coastline and clear blue waters, Shakotan's Fire Festival attracts visitors from all over Hokkaido as locals leap across fire carrying heavy portable shrines.

Date: Jul 4 - 6

Location: Shakotan

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