Nature Day In Niseko

Niseko companies came together for a third year running to host a Nature Day Event for local orphanages.

Local management company HTM led the organization of this year's Orphan Nature Day once more as a part of their regional community outreach. Now in its third year running, this year's event was made possible by additional sponsorship by Tokyu Resort Services Grand Hirafu, Niseko Gelato and An Dining.

Here's is the review by Rie who organised the day.

Summer Gondola

After everyone arrived at Grand Hirafu, we took a gondola up. Many of the children were a little bit scared at first, but as we went high up their fascination of the beautiful scenery overcame their fears.

Nature Day 5

Guided Hiking Tour and Woodcraft Sessions at Ecol

Once we got off the gondola, we went on a walking tour which was guided by Mr. Kiyoshi Nakashima. He taught us all about Niseko's natural environment, from flowers and plants to insects and animals. Many of the younger children were very hands-on and wanted to touch everything they saw, from small bugs to sticky sundew leaves.

After our tour we went to the Ace Hill Nature Centre, Ecol, and had a woodcraft session. The children made their own wooden photo flames using twigs, acorns, leaves and nuts sourced from Niseko.

Yummy Scrummy Lunchtime

Just as we finished up our photo frames, you could hear everybody's tummies rumbling. We dined on delicious, healthy bento boxes made by An Dining. Mt Yotei had been caught in the clouds throughout the morning, but came out to say hello during lunchtime.

Nature Day 17

Gelato Heaven

After we made our way down the mountain in a gondola, we headed to Niseko View Plaza. There we went to Niseko Gelato for some tasty treats. The owner Dennis has always been a big supporter to the Nature Day initiative and this year he gave free gelato to all of the children. It was the perfect way to finish the day and the children were left smiling ear-to-ear—it was truly scrumptious!

As a member of the community in Niseko we are proud that so many different organisations came together to make this year's event so successful. Finding ways to give back to our community reminds us of our adult responsibilities to those around us.