Niseko Classic 2017 Registration Now Open

Challenge yourself in 2017 and ride a truly international cycling event in beautiful Niseko, Japan.

Niseko Classic 6

The international cycling event is on again in July 2017. Photo by Niseko Classic

It's coming! The 4th Niseko Classic will be held in Niseko in July 2017 and registration is now open for the exciting international cycling event.

Cyclists from all around the world are invited to participate in this now annual event in Niseko, Hokkaido, with the event held on July 8th and 9th next year. It is the second year that Niseko Classic is officially recognised as a part of UCI Grand Fondo World Series.

Last year saw Niseko Classic riders enjoyed the freedom of closed roads, clean air and beautiful vistas with the 140km course including 2,362m of vertical, leading competitors up the awe-inspiring Panorama Line climb, out to the Sea of Japan, and back to Niseko Hirafu Resort, which will be the same again this year. A 70km race category is also on again in 2017, providing a shorter challenge (1,125m vertical) and finishing together in Niseko Hirafu Resort. The race course is set in the Hokkaido Niseko mountain range, from Kutchan Town, Kyowa Town, Rankoshi Town and Niseko Town.

Niseko Classic 4

Rain or shine, riders enjoying the challenging cycle race. Photo by Niseko Classic

With registration now open, here's are all of the details you need to know so you can prepare for this incredible cycling event. And of course, you'll need some well-deserved rest and recovery after the race, so why not plan a summer vacation as part of your trip to Niseko!

Date & Location

Saturday 8th, July, 2017
Hirafu Resort, Niseko
– Registration/License-control 9am to 3pm
– 70km participants bike pick-up 9am to 3pm
– Riders meeting 3pm to 3.50pm

Sunday 9th, July, 2017
140km Road Race
Hirafu Resort, Niseko
– Assembly at Hirafu Resort
– Assembly between 5.20am to 5.50am
– Riders assembly & Sign-up 5.50am to 6.20am
– Opening ceremony 6.20am to 6.35am
– Race begins: 6.50am (to be held rain or shine)
– Race finish 12pm (scheduled)
– Ceremony & After Event Party: around 12pm onwards (scheduled)

70km Road Race
Rankoshi Ranran Park
A shuttle bus service for 70km competitors will be arranged for the pre-race ONLY. A bus is running from a temporary bus stop at Hirafu Resort to Rankoshi Ranran Park (Start point).
– Assembly & Shuttle bus departure 5am to 5.30am (scheduled)
– Arrival & Bike pick-up by riders 6am to 7.30am
– Assembly & Sign-up 7.30am to 8pm
– Opening ceremony 8am to 8.15am
– Race begins: 8.20am(to be held rain or shine)
– Race finish 12pm(scheduled)
– Ceremony & After Event Party: around 12pm onwards(scheduled)

Niseko Classic participants from previous year

Meet new friends from all over the world while challenging yourself in 2017. Photo by Niseko Classic

Race Format

140km: The race will begin from Grand Hirafu Resort journeying to Niseko Annupuri, followed by the Panorama Line climb to out to the Sea of Japan. The race finishes at the origin at Grand Hirafu.

70km: Starting from Rankoshi Ranran Park, the race will then lead out to the Sea of Japan and return to Grand Hirafu.

Race Rules

Checkpoints are set at four points in 140km race and two points in 70km race. Participants who have not reached the checkpoints within the predesignated time will be disqualified and eliminated from the race.


– 140km Road Race
– 70km Road Race
– 70km Women's Race

Niseko Classic2016

Get set, go! Photo by Niseko Classic


– The first top 3 riders in each UGFWS age category.
– The first top 3 riders in each distance category.

Registration Period

Event registration is open until June 18th, 2017. In a case when the number of application reaches the capacity(scheduled to be 1,000)the registration closes earlier than the specified date.

Entry Fee

– 140km race is 14,000JPY
– 70km race is 12,000JPY

*1,000JPY discount is provided for JCF affiliated domestic federation license holders. Upon completion of registration, the entry fee is not refundable.

For more information on the Niseko Classic event contact the Niseko Classic Management Office via email at [email protected] or visit the website.